Labview Battery Test Software

The best custom batteries and battery packs require the best test software - Labview.

CREASEFIELD is proud to use LabVIEW, a graphical programming environment used by millions of engineers and scientists to develop sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems.

Our ability to quickly develop, test and then implement advanced testing equipment through Labview gives us industry leading ability to quickly turnaround projects from initial concept through to manufacture. Labview gives us the tools to control pack testing & conditioning using standard and readily available test equipment without needing to assemble bespoke test equipment.

Through Labview, Creasefield can measure virtually any variable

  • Connection to any instrument or sensor
  • High sample collection rates (MHz)
  • Communication with suitable products via SMBus, I2C, Serial and USB

Creasefield creates custom designed user interfaces and data output formats

  • We custom design the user interface and data display for ease of use when testing our customers products
  • We can output test data in a variety of raw formats: CSV, TXT, direct into DB etc.
  • Our custom designed reports output directly to Excel, Word, PDF and others

By utilising the skills of our in-house electrical engineers and multi-platform programmers we are able to design and implement a variety of test, measurement & pack conditioning solutions.

Our most recent work includes:

  • Custom test equipment for acceptance testing PCM capability for the medical industry.
  • The collection, analysis and presentation of data for battery packs used in the aerospace industry.
  • The use of embedded microprocessors and I2C communication in test equipment to automated time consuming, laborious but essential battery conditioning processes.

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of battery technology, electronic systems and testing techniques mean Creasefield delivers quality products designed and tested to the highest standards each and every time.

Our engineers are Certified to the LabView Associate Developer standard (CLAD)

labviewscreenLabview Screenshot

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