We’re moving!

It’s a very busy and exciting time here at Creasefield, as we prepare to complete our move to our new premises. We will shortly be able to announce an official moving date, but in the meantime, we thought we would share a few pictures and give you some more information on the move.

The new site is almost complete. After a new floor, some partitions and a little TLC we are good to go. We’ve spent a lot of time planning production layouts to maximise efficiency and best utilise the available space.

The new building offers double our current stores space, doubled production area and doubled office area. We have been able to segment production activities more carefully and extend the facilities available to our growing engineering team.

The additional space also allows for more meeting rooms and training facilities along with much needed parking improvements!

What does this means for our customers?

Double the space

Our new premises provides a 100% space increase. Doubling available space means we have room to expand production areas, improve flexibility and reduce lead times.

Brand new facilities

Whilst planning the move, we’ve been keen to upgrade facilities to include: improved production facilities, increased engineering resources and dedicated training areas. All of our customers are very welcome to come for a tour of the new premises so please call us to arrange that.

Direct Dials

We have introduced direct dials for all of our office staff to ensure that you can get hold of the person that you want the first time. This will make speaking to who you need, a quick and pleasant experience.

We believe this is a really exciting and welcome change and will communicate direct dials with you shortly, but please keep an eye out for them at the bottom of your contacts emails.

Any Questions?

Obviously moving premises is a huge task, but we have everything in place to make sure the process is as streamlined as possible. Please watch out for further updates or speak to your regular contacts.

We’ve considered the move very carefully so as not to disrupt deliveries to customers. We plan to operate from both sites for as long as necessary although the aim is to be fully installed by end July.

Our cellular production strategy allows for production to move quickly in phased groups – there will be no down time in our production schedule. We’ve worked very hard to ensure that you don’t notice we are moving – to the extent that we have purchased additional workbenches to support a seamless switch and planned for strategic equipment moves during weekends.

This move cements our commitment to battery pack design and manufacture in the U.K – we can now compete with the best in the world. Come and talk to us.