In addition to providing custom battery packs, Creasefield have a growing range of battery products that are developed, approved and ready to ship. In some cases these products have been carefully selected from a range of world leading supply partners but in others we have designed, developed, approved and manufactured our own product.

Using knowledge and techniques we have amassed over a twenty year period, we believe our battery products can give you a genuine competitive advantage and provide rapid application development and solutions to your battery problems.

Our range of lithium-ion batteries is a great example – this range offers different configurations of all ready designed and manufactured lithium-ion battery packs that are in stock and ready to ship. better still, they are UN tested allowing prompt and compliant shipping around the world. So combined with a battery charger from Creasefield you can get a battery system integrated into you product in short order.

Battery Stocks & Cell Distribution

A list of common part numbers for what Is normally in our stock range of cells and batteries

UBA5 Battery Analyzer

A battery tester for all chemistry types. Easy to create test schedules & log results using a PC

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Range

Our range of lithium Ion battery packs, UN tested and ready for quick delivery from stock

Flowmeter Batteries

A range of alkaline and lithium batteries developed for use with ABB Aquamaster loggers

ALM Batteries

Designed to replace lead acid with lighter weight and longer life

Creasefield is now part of Steatite Ltd, a Solid State Group Company - Click to read more....