Battery Stocks & Cell Distribution

Large battery stocks at Creasefield.

By no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the more common items you’ll find in stock at Creasefield. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements and for news of available battery stocks on that day.

Part NumberChemistryManufacturerCapacity
NCR18650ALithiumPanasonic3100 mAh
NCR18650BLithiumPanasonic3400 mAh
NCR18650BFLithiumPanasonic3400 mAh
HHR450ANiMHPanasonic4500 mAh
HHR380ANiMHPanasonic3800 mAh
LR06 - AAAlkalinePanasonicN/A
LR14 - CAlkalinePanasonicN/A
LR20 - DAlkalinePanasonicN/A
SL2780LithiumTadiran19000 mAh
SL2770LithiumTadiran8500 mAh
SL760LithiumTadiran2200 mAh
SL750LithiumTadiran1100 mAh
LSH20LithiumSaft13000 mAh
LSH14LithiumSaft5800 mAh
LS33600LithiumSaft17000 mAh
LS26500LithiumSaft7700 mAh
LS14500LithiumSaft2600 mAh
LS17500LithiumSaft3600 mAh
APR18650LithiumA1231100 mAh
ANR26650LithiumA1232500 mAh
ALM12V7LithiumA1237000 mAh
0810-0004 DLead AcidEnersys2500 mAh
0800-0004 XLead AcidEnersys5000 mAh
0850-0004 ELead AcidEnersys8000 mAh
GP130AAHNiMHGP1300 mAh
GP150AAHNiMHGP1500 mAh
GP180AAHNiMHGP1800 mAh
GP700DHNiMHGP7000 mAh
GP1000DHNiMHGP10000 mAh
GP380AFHNiMHGP3800 mAh
ICR18650-26FLithium-ionGP2600 mAh
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