UBA5 Battery Analyzer

Creasefield are the sole authorized distributor in the UK for the Vencon UBA5 battery analyser. The UBA5 is a capable battery tester of fully testing, conditioning, charging, discharging and generating test data for analysis of battery condition.

With a graphical programming interface you can easily design a battery test to do exactly what you want. You can specify the charge method (constant current or constant voltage with peak, timed, or temperature termination) and the charge and discharge currents. You can even use conditional loops in the test.

All voltage, current and temperature readings are stored in a standard results file. The UBA5s power lies in its ability to leverage the power of your PC – it has neither display nor keyboard. The UBA5 is kept simple and the intelligence is in the software on your PC where it belongs.

vencon uba5 battery tester

UBA5 Features

  • Works with all battery chemistries, NiCd, NiMH, SLA, lead acid, lithium ion, lithium polymer and primary batteries.
  • Fully programmable: you can set all charge and discharge currents, voltage settings, and charge algorithms.
  • Includes UBA Console, easy to use and powerful software that allows you to graphically design your battery analysis routines and can simultaneously control over 100 UBA5s from one PC.
  • Can run one test cycle to check capacity or thousands to test battery life.
  • Comes with two channels that can each analyze a battery or can be combined with each other or other UBA5s for unlimited charge and discharge current.
  • Stores all results in industry standard ASCII format that you can import into your favorite spreadsheet.
  • Supports High Power Accessories
  • Battery temperature sensor option: use ours, use yours or use your battery’s built-in sensor.

uba5 console screen

 UBA5 Specifications

  • FCC approval and CE Mark.
  • One Year Warranty
  • Battery type: all chemistries, rechargeable and non-rechargeable
  • Battery voltage: single cell to 18V (high-voltage versions available)
  • Battery capacity: mAh to over 100Ah
  • Charge current: Up to 2A per channel
  • Load current: Up to 3A/45W per channel
  • Number of independent channels: 2

Most people don’t think about batteries until they start having problems. Battery packs are integral to the performance of your equipment and they should perform well, for their rated cycle life. Are you getting adequate performance from your batteries?

The UBA5 could be the ideal tool for your development and production departments.

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