Creasefield operate in a diverse range of industry sectors. We have designed and manufactured battery packs for industries including Commercial aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical, Subsea, Safety, Water, Rail, Military, Security, Government and more.

Our broad experience developing batteries and management systems means we can quickly provide battery solutions and suggestions to ensure your application is delivered on time and on budget. The demands and needs of each sector are very different and we have specific experience in each that can help ensure your product is cost effective, safe and high-performing.

See our case studies for more specific sector information.

Safer Battery Technology Developed

The potential for accidental combustion is a persistent problem for lithium-ion batteries; it’s one which a number of

Water Industry Batteries

Our battery solutions for the water industry offer energy & power and are designed for long-term deployment with innovative and reliable technology

Downhole Batteries for MWD / LWD Applications

Creasefield have over 10 yrs experience of high temperature batteries for downhole applications

Medical Batteries

Our specific experience with a range of medical equipment requirements is invaluable to customers

Oceanographic Batteries

We’ve been building alkaline & lithium batteries for long-term subsea and oceanographic applications for over 15 years

ATEX Batteries

Need a battery designed and manufactured for hazardous environments?

Battery Pack Assembly

Learn more about our accredited UK assembly facility

Custom Battery Pack Design

We design & manufacture battery packs that are safe, reliable and cost effective