Downhole Batteries for MWD / LWD Applications

Few applications match the technical challenges presented by downhole environment in oil and gas fields. From set-up and deployment at -40°c, to operating at 180°c at the bottom of a well, the downhole environment is downright hostile to battery performance.

From downhole batteries for MWD/LWD sensors and memory modules to PIGs to refinery corrosion sensors, Creasefield has a wide range of experience with many aspects of the industry and has many years of experience in manufacture of batteries for these demanding environments.

Downhole Battery Solutions

  • MWD/LWD logging tools
  • Intelligent PIG batteries
  • Remote ultrasonic sensors
  • ATEX/IECEx equipment including PPE

Downhole Batteries: Case Study

Among the largest batteries manufactured at Creasefield, our MWD tool batteries are far removed from what most expect a battery pack to look like.

Measuring up to 4m long, each of these batteries contains several hundred cells and is hand-assembled on custom-made jigs to meet the precise dimensions required to fit into drillstring tool casings.

With safety devices and high-specification thermal insulation fitted, the battery is able to survive the hostile downhole environment long enough to finish the job.

creasefield custom battery packs