Medical Batteries

Design and manufacture of medical batteries for electronic devices requires high standards and a commitment to quality. Creasefield holds ISO9001 accreditation for design, development and manufacture of custom battery solutions.

We produce batteries for all classes of medical devices and have taken projects through IEC62133 certification to help customers meet the requirements of IEC60601, as well as assisting with UL/CSA and CB Scheme applications. With a UK manufacturing site and design office, we have experience with a large number of medical projects. 

Medical Battery projects we have completed:

  • Surgical power tools subject autoclave sterilisation
  • Telemedicine and remote diagnostics
  • Portable treatment devices
  • Backup power for life-critical devices
  • Automated external defibrillators
  • Invasive treatment devices subject to ETO sterilisation

Medical Batteries: Case Study

Creasefield has a long partnership with a UK based manufacturer of power tools, producing batteries with high power output that can be safely used in surgical theatres and are subjected to autoclave sterilisation processes.

With previous generation NiMH batteries, the high temperatures during sterilisation reduced the usable life of the battery. We assisted in development of a next-generation lithium system which has proven to withstand the temperatures of an autoclave prion cycle with little-to-no capacity loss, and continue to support legacy product as well as development and introduction of the new product line.

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