Water Industry Batteries

Battery Solutions for Energy & Power

Water is a vital resource, and distribution networks are under strong environmental, regulatory and economic pressure to improve efficiency and reduce loss through leaks and bursts. Remote sensing for leak detection and location is well established and the use of high energy, low power batteries such as ultra-long life primary lithium thionyl chloride cells is well developed.

Ever increasing data capture and transmission rates required for regulatory compliance and active pressure management systems place heavy demands on battery technology, and the longevity, reliability and safety of battery powered sensors and transmitters is critical to economic operation and proliferation of these devices.

Previous water industry batteries we’ve developed

  • Flow meters
  • Leak detectors and locators
  • Environmental sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Active pressure management systems

Water Industry Batteries: Case Study

Creasefield were engaged to assist in development of a long life battery system for an active pressure management system. In partnership with Tadiran, a battery system meeting the requirement for guaranteed 10 year life over a variety of deployment scenarios was developed, with a strong focus on reliability and safety. A key challenge was to balance the positive and negative effects of passivation inherent to lithium thionyl chloride systems – allowing long term deployment by reducing self-discharge without restricting the ability of the battery to maintain voltage under pulse loads. All development was undertaken with reference to harmonised standards and the project is currently undergoing CB scheme certification for global deployment. Read our white paper discussing Battery Safety in the Water Industry. custom batteries