It is essential to Creasefield that we use leading cell manufacturers in our battery products. Carefully selected battery supply partners develop high quality and game-changing technologies allowing us design and manufacture high performing, safe battery packs for your application.

Our battery supply partners lead the world in cell development and energy storage for demanding applications. Brands like Panasonic, Tadiran, Saft, A123, GP Batteries, LG and Engineered Power offer unique solutions and allow us to manufacture custom battery packs for a diverse range of applications and industries.

Quite simply we believe the combination of leading cell brands with the our attitude to service means a custom battery pack from Creasefield is unbeatable.

Tadiran Batteries

Primary lithium cells don’t get any better than Tadiran for energy and power applications

Panasonic Batteries

Panasonic Batteries

The widest range of high performing cells with unmatched quality in a range of chemistry types

Saft Batteries

Leading lithium technology in primary and rechargeable types

Enersys Batteries

For high performing lead batteries there is no one better

GP Batteries

GP Batteries

A broad range of cost effective cells in many chemistry types

Engineered Power Batteries

Lithium batteries for high temperature operation in oil and gas applications

Kokam Batteries

Reliable lithium polymer cells for high power in small spaces

Battery Suppliers

Here are all the other suppliers we have good relationships with. We can access their products and support teams direct from the factory.