Engineered Power Batteries


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Engineered Power Batteries provide the oilfield industry with innovative power solutions to extreme environments. Engineered Power produces primary lithium thionyl chloride batteries specifically for oil and gas applications. Rigorous cell testing and intensive product inspections ensure maximum performance, reliability and shelf life.


Cell Types

  • Low rate bobbin cells
  • Medium rate dual anode cells
  • High rate spiral wound cells


Features & Benefits

Unique Features of Engineered Power Batteries

  • Proprietary Spring Mechanism
  • Increased Quantities of Active Materials
  • Decreased Surface Area
  • Reduced Internal Mechanical Welds
  • Choice of Electrolyte and Custom Design
  • Gallium Electrolyte Available

Benefits of Engineered Power Batteries

  • Stable Operating Voltage (3.67 open circuit voltage)
  • Wide Surviving Temperature (-55C to +200C)
  • Ability to withstand vibration and high G shock
  • High Energy Density
  • High Reliability
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hermetic reinforced glass-to-metal seals
  • Long shelf life

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Creasefield are a trusted partner of Engineered Power. We have access the the right people within EP to support any situation and are confident that we can specify or manufacture exactly what you need to enjoy high performing, safe batteries within your equipment.

For custom batteries designed or manufactured using Engineered Power products, just take a look at our custom battery assembly page or project enquiry form. We can design and assemble a battery pack customised to your application with all of your design criteria in mind. Call our engineering team to discuss your requirements on 01460 54800.

For more information visit Engineered Power online.