GP Batteries

GP Batteries has become one of the worlds leading battery manufacturers of rechargeable and non-rechargeable chemistries for industrial and consumer customers.

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Industrial options from GP Batteries include Alkaline, NiMH (inc Low self-discharge), Lithium, Lithium-Ion and battery chargers.


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The PowerBank range of battery modules can be equally useful for industrial applications and the consumer market it was designed for.

Call us for more details of how PowerBank from GP Batteries can power your project.

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Creasefield are a trusted partner of GP Batteries. We have access the the right people within GP to support any situation and are confident that we can specify or manufacture exactly what you need to enjoy high performing, safe batteries within your equipment.

For custom batteries designed or manufactured using GP products, just take a look at our custom battery assembly page or project enquiry form. We can design and assemble a battery pack customised to your application with all of your design criteria in mind. Call our engineering team to discuss your requirements on 01460 54800.

For more information visit GP online.