Tadiran Batteries

Tadiran batteries are a world leader in design and development of lithium battery technologies for industrial applications.

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Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) cells are suitable where a 3.6 Volt high energy primary battery is required for up to 25 years operation.

SL-300 series – standard use and stand-by

  • Excellent shelf life (10 years)
  • Extremely low self-discharge (1 % or less per year)
  • Suited for long-term use with low current
  • For operation at low current levels
  • Temperature range from -55 °C to +85 °C

SL-500 series– extended temperature range

  • Extension of temperature range up to +130 °C
  • Slightly reduced capacity
  • Otherwise similar to the SL-300 series

SL-700 series for enhanced start

  • Majorly improved voltage delay at the start of discharge at medium current levels
  • Intermittent discharge at medium current levels
  • Best results if used after no more than 3 years of storage
  • Otherwise like the SL-300 series

SL-2700 series (iXtra) fast voltage recovery after long storage and/or use

  • Higher voltage under pulse load even with low background currents
  • Improved voltage delay behaviour at ambient and elevated temperatures
  • Fast voltage recovery after long term storage
  • More capacity
  • Higher discharge rate
  • No orientation effect

SL-800/2800 series (XOL) for extended Operation Life

  • More capacity
  • Extra low self discharge
  • Extra low passivation during long term use

The Tadiran Batteries PulsesPlus technology is best where power is required such as long range GPRS and GSM applications. It offers a combination of a high energy lithium primary battery and a hybrid layer capacitor. This HLC provides the power capability for pulse currents.

For high current pulse applications

PulsesPlus Tadiran Batteries are ideal for applications requiring long life and high energy under high current pulse requirements and are available in a wide variety of configurations (cylindrical and prismatic battery packs). PulsesPlus-Batteries feature a primary bobbin type cell and a unique hermetically sealed Hybrid Layer Capacitor, which offers outstanding performance advantages, including:

  • High and stable voltage 3.6 V (optional 3.9 V)
  • High pulse current capability
  • No passivation effect
  • More capacity (up to 19 Ah per D size cell)
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 °C to +85 °C)
  • High reliability (hermetic laser sealing, glass-to-metal seal)
  • Outstanding storage capability (up to 10 years)
  • Recognized safety (UL)
  • Very low self discharge (less than 2 % per year)

The Tadiran Batteries Lithium Metal Oxide (TLM) High Power Technology offers a compact power source with high current capability.

 Compact batteries for very high current pulse applications

The TLM technology has been developed recently by Tadiran Batteries for applications requiring high power discharge after a long storage time, e.g. as a back up battery for emergency call devices in automotive telematic systems. Major Advantages of TLM-High-Power-Batteries:

  • High voltage 4.0 V
  • Very high pulse current capability
  • Immediate response, no passivation effect
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 °C to +85 °C)
  • High reliability (hermetic laser sealing, glass-to-metal seal)
  • Outstanding storage capability (up to 10 years and more)
  • Recognized safety (UL)
  • Low self discharge (less than 3 % per year)


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Creasefield are proud to have been awarded the status of approved assembly partner for Tadiran Batteries and enjoy full factory support.

If you need a custom battery designed or manufactured using Tadiran cells, just take a look at our custom battery assembly page or project enquiry form. We can design and assemble a battery pack customised to your application with all of your design criteria in mind. Call our engineering team to discuss your requirements on 01460 54800.

For more information visit Tadiran Batteries online or take a look their brochures.