Elon Musk – a Battery Storage Revolution?

When technology talk is dominated by the next new handset, smart watch or operating system, rather more fundamental issues do not always get the airtime they deserve.

Even when an important subject is tackled, such as how we store electrical power in a safe and efficient way, the conversation usually boils down to what type of battery Apple, Google and the rest will choose for their latest consumer device.


Aluminium-ion Rechargeable Batteries

Research into a practical application for aluminium in rechargeable batteries is starting to bear fruit, with scientists having built a functional aluminium-ion prototype. Although a young technology, it is hoped that the use of aluminium in rechargeable batteries could be the next step in the commercial and industrial sectors.

The two current drawbacks of the aluminium cell when compared to its lithium-ion counterpart are increased expansion and contraction of the reactive material, which represents a significant challenge for even the most experienced battery pack manufacturer; and a comparative lack of power.