Expectations for increased performance places ever more demand on battery technology. Product developers are demanding smaller, safer batteries but with greater energy density – that’s a tough ask.

Established cell manufacturers are making steady performance gains and confident start-ups promise to revolutionise the battery industry. At Creasefield we aim to educate by communicating how to successfully utilise mature battery technology to achieve maximum, reliable performance.

At the same time, we plan to illuminate by commenting on cell developments and observing emerging battery technology as it appears. Both aspects can leverage tremendous value for companies that require an approachable battery specialist to support their battery powered products.

Safer Battery Technology Developed

The potential for accidental combustion is a persistent problem for lithium-ion batteries; it’s one which a number of

Combating Dendrites in Lithium-Ion Batteries

One of the main contributors to the fragility of lithium-ion batteries is the formation of dendrites, which are

Battery Selection

Start here when thinking about your new application that requires battery power

Battery safety

Learn more about battery safety and how we achieve it

Designing extra features into battery packs

Unique features for high performance and safety

Future Batteries

What’s coming next in cell technology and battery pack techniques ?

Passivation in Lithium Batteries

Understand a feature of the Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery chemistry

Cathode Freeze

Make the right design choices to avoid this phenomenon.